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The aseptic filling machine is widely used in the aseptic packaging of fluid foods such as juice, syrup and jam. At room temperature, the product can be stored for more than one year, which can save the cost and risk of low-temperature refrigeration transportation.

The aseptic filling machine is directly connected to the sterilization machine, and the products after UHT sterilization can be directly filled in the aseptic bag. The aseptic bag is an aluminum-plastic composite multi-layer bag, which can effectively isolate sunlight and oxygen; guarantee the product quality to the greatest extent.

The temperature adjustment system automatically adjusts the temperature of the filling room, and sterilizes the bag mouth and the filling room using steam injection.

The aseptic filling machine can fill various aseptic bags or aseptic packaging boxes from 1L to 220L.

AUTO BIB500 filling machine is a modern , high performance filling machine. The auto BIB500 filling machine is ideal for medium and large scale filling of bags from 2 to 220litres and spout (1 and 2 inch).


Tea concentrates

Diary products (icemix , cream , milk , condensed milk)

Fruit products ( Juices, pureses, jams, and concentrates)

Liquid egg products (Whole egg, egg white and egg yolk)

Post mix and syruups

Sauces(mayonnaise, ketchup)

Water Bakery products

Soy Wine  Odile oil /coking oil

Pharmacy Fertilizer

Auto BIB500 filling machine:

1.Auto BIB500 continuous linear is appropriate for precut continuous bag, the machine  automatically finish the whole process of connected bags transfer,  bags separation, bag loading and filling

2.BIB500 filling machine suitable for different sizes of bags. which makes production flexibility

3.The filling starts when the cap are pull out from bag because the filling machine head has a confirmation system of pull out cap

4.The moving parts have check feedback information which benefit fast malfunction inspection. And CIP cleaning function

Filling accuracy: filling volume ± 0.5%

Bagging standard: 1 inch opening asepsis bag

Filling capacity:     500 bags / hour 5liters / bag

Compressed air:     6~8bar 30NL/min

Nitrogen supply pressure:     Max2.5bar

Capacity:     1.5KW, 220VAC

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