Bag-in-box cooking oil: a sustainable solution for quality preservation


Cooking oils are an important part of our daily cooking, adding flavor and nutrition to our meals. However, many of us overlook the importance of properly storing and preserving oil, causing it to go bad. The oxidation process of oil not only affects its taste and smell but also produces harmful toxic substances. In this blog, we will discuss how cooking oil bags in boxes, especially the 20/22 liter clear film variant, provide a sustainable solution to maintain the quality of the oil.

Maintain quality:
Cooking oils are prone to oxidation due to exposure to air and light. This oxidation process triggers the formation of peroxides, leading to rancidity and unpleasant odors. Unlike spoiled food or mold, rancid oil is often ignored, putting our health at risk. However, the bag-in-box packaging method effectively solves these problems.

Bag-in-box design:
Bag-in-box is a packaging solution that consists of a flexible inner bag made of food-grade material, enclosed within a rigid outer box. This design prevents air and light from reaching the oil, minimizing oxidation. The 20/22 liter clear film model provides enough space to store large amounts of oil while maintaining its freshness.

Advantages of bag-in-box:
1. Extend the shelf life: The bag-in-box design eliminates contact with air and light, significantly extending the shelf life of edible oils. This means you can enjoy fresh, uncontaminated oil for longer.

2. Effortless dispensing: Bag-in-box systems include a convenient spigot or spout that attaches to the bag, allowing for precise portion control and minimizing waste. This eliminates the need to transfer the oil to a smaller container, ensuring a hygienic and uncluttered cooking experience.

3. Increased sustainability: Bag-in-box packaging is known for its sustainability benefits. The outer box is often made from recyclable materials, and the flexible inner bag consumes less energy and resources in its production than traditional packaging.

4. Economical: Buying oil in bulk and storing it in bag-in-box packaging proves to be more cost-effective in the long run. By choosing a reusable packaging solution, you not only save money but also contribute to reducing single-use plastic waste.

in conclusion:
Maintaining the quality of cooking oil is vital to our health and the enjoyment of our meals. Bag-in-box packaging systems, especially the 20/22 liter transparent film models, offer an effective and sustainable solution. By protecting against air and light exposure, this packaging ensures the longevity and freshness of the oil, reducing the risk of consuming degraded oil and its associated health problems. Embrace the bag-in-box revolution and revolutionize the way you store and use cooking oil!

Post time: Sep-14-2023