Bag-in-Box packaging is an innovative juice packaging solution.

Flexible packaging, high barrier and light-proofing of the carton can keep the juice nutrition and taste for several months. Hot filling or aseptic filling can be used to pack a variety of juice drinks flexibly, which is more convenient for family use.

Fruit juice with hot filling
After the juice is squeezed, filtered, sterilized, the pasteurization temperature is maintained for the hot filling process. The juice can maintain the shelf life of several months to one year. The bag film material and the faucet must be suitable for hot filling.

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Advantages of bag-in-box juice
The bag-in-box packaging form is more and more used in more fields because of its strong fresh-keeping ability, convenient carrying and drinking, and low packaging cost. Fresh pure juice products are easy to take out because of their good fresh-keeping effect. , The long shelf life can bring the freshest juice products to consumers, which is difficult to achieve with traditional packaging.

For beverage processing companies:
Product differentiation: innovation in product launch and brand recognition.
Brand recognition: Each bag-in-box has a large surface, and pictures or product information that attract consumers’ attention can be printed on this “billboard”. Shelf attractiveness: In today’s crowded shelves, It has become more difficult to make your product stand out. The size of the bag-in-box packaging, the quality and uniqueness of the "billboard" can make your product stand out from many products. Transportation and storage efficiency: an empty bag takes up 88% less space than a bottle.

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For consumers:
Can be dumped easily and conveniently: Children and the elderly can easily pour drinks without spilling everywhere. Storage efficiency: Storage efficiency: The bag-in-box has a rectangular shape, which can stack the largest amount in the same area, saving the refrigerator Or the space in the storage cabinet.

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China is a big country in the production of concentrated juice. For example, apple juice has been recognized by the world in the past century, especially in developed countries. In the United States, Apple is known as the "smart fruit" that helps children develop their intelligence. Its annual consumption of concentrated apple juice is nearly one million tons, with an average consumption of 3.3 kilograms per capita, which is equivalent to "drinking" 7 million tons of apples in a year. In China, the consumption of apple juice is still in its infancy. The consumption is less than 100,000 tons, and the per capita consumption is 0.08 kg, which is 2.4% of the average American consumption according to the population. With such a large market waiting for more development, I believe that bag-in-box pure juice will soon enter the homes of ordinary people.

The bag-in-box packaging solution can play the inherent value of the entire supply chain and is suitable for the manufacturing, processing, transportation, storage, sales and use of juice products. Bag-in-box liquid packaging can help customers improve time to market and increase sales and market share with differentiated products. Bag-in-box provides a new level of convenient services for the juice field, especially pure juice, and it also provides brand owners with more effective means to better convey brand information to consumers and make their products better from the fierce retail brand competition. Stand out from the crowd.

Post time: Nov-04-2021