Flexible packaging 220LT aseptic bag


Flexible packaging 220LT aseptic bag was developed for the fruit and vegetable processing industry (tomatoes, citrus fruits, mango, ect). With different features of oxygen resistance, low transmission rate, fairly good sealed strength. 220lt Aseptic bag is a packaging solution adapted to the storage and transport of liquid food products. It keeps your products safe and fresh from fill to final unloading. It also protects quality, extends freshness and distributes easily with minimal product waste. These bags are made of laminate films specifically to package liquid food. Aseptic bag is to pack sterilized food in an aseptic environment and seal in a sterilized container to obtain longer shelf life without preservatives and refrigeration and greatly maintain nutrient content and specific flavor of food.

【Product features】:

The enhanced high-barrier aluminized and transparent liquid aseptic packaging bag is the chief form of aseptic bags .It has a large market demand and broad application prospects. It is characterized by high heat seal strength, air tightness, folding, pressure, and has an excellent preservation shelf life function.We have standard barrier, high barrier and Alufoil for specific needs of customers.


It is particularly suitable for all kinds of concentrated fruit juice, jam, dairy,syrup , enzyme and NFC juice products.

Post time: Nov-04-2021