Low carbon and environmental protection–BIB packaging

Compared with traditional packaging, BIB packaging is a more low-carbon and environmentally friendly packaging form, which greatly reduces the use of packaging materials and energy consumption, and reduces the adverse impact of packaging on the environment.

1. The bag-in-box packaging material that uses less packaging materials is only 1/5 of the rigid container

2. The used bag-in-box packaging is very easy to separate and recycle, completely recyclable

3. The bag-in-box can be completely folded and stored before and after use, which greatly reduces packaging, storage and transportation costs, and reduces energy consumption

4. Most of the bags in the box are for one-time use, avoid
The environmental impact and destruction of chemical disinfection and cleaning

5. The packaging of up to 1400 liters means less packaging cost per unit volume of product

6. Longer product shelf life also reduces waste caused by product deterioration

7. Reduce energy consumption and raw material usage

8. The bag-in-box packaging is light in weight, saves space, can improve transportation efficiency by more than 20%, and reduces fuel and energy consumption

9.Single item transportation (relative to the hard barrel reuse without recycling) saves transportation costs.

10. Compared with the traditional packaging form, it can save up to 80% of the raw material consumption

11. Flexible and efficient filling machine can reduce energy costs and increase productivity

Post time: Nov-04-2021