Self-standing Pouch

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Film Clear:PA/PE+PE
Standard Barrier: PE/VMPET/PE+PE
Bags sizes 1-5liter
Industrial use FoodVinegar,Condimentsd,Sauces,Edible oil,Liquid egg,Jam
BeuerageCoffee&Tea,Dairy&Milk,Juice,Smoothies, Spirits, Water,Wine,Soft drinks.
Non-food: Agricaltural chemicals,Automotive fluids,Beautye&Personal care,Cleanip,Chemicals.
Quality warranty 24 months
Temperature -20 ° C ~ +95° C
Feature 1.Excellent barrier performance for liquid food
2.Environmentally low carbon effectiveness, fully compliant with new
environmental regulations
3.Cost-effective solution compared to traditional packaging such as can,
hard containers.
4.Compliant with food packaging regulations
5.Re-closable with cap
6.Reduce packaging and transportation cost, easy storage
7.Strong sealing strength, non-breakage, non leakage
8.Eco-friendly materials & Moisture proof, protect from light, gas barrier
Sample lead time 1-5days
Production lead time 15days
Sanitary requirements BPA free
Key advantages 1.The bag and tap work together to prolong the shelf life before and after the pack is opened.
2. Bag-in-Box packaging is supplied flat to maximise storage space and minimise transport costs.
3. Each bag is specifically constructed to preserve the exact liquid inside, ensuring the contents stay uncontaminated by the air outside.
4.Environmentally friendly – lower carbon footprint than plastic or glass alternatives

Self-standing Pouch

Product description:

Self-standing Pouch are an innovative packaging,no secondary outer box required and can be high quality printed to use colour and graphics to attract consumer attention in the retail environment.

Product features:

At present, the soft drink packaging bags on the market mainly include pet bottles, cans and other forms. In today’s increasingly homogeneous competition, the improvement of packaging is undoubtedly one of the powerful means of differentiated competition. Pouch bag combines the fashion of repeated packaging of PET bottle and aluminum paper composite packaging. At the same time, it also has incomparable advantages over traditional beverage packaging in printing performance. Due to the basic shape of self-supporting bags, the display area of suction nozzle bags is significantly larger than that of PET bottles, and better than Tetra Pak pillows and other packaging that can not stand.


It is particularly suitable for all kinds of fruit juice, wine,milk,water,cooking oil, Cocktails

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