Spout for bag (Vitop,Elpo,Idc, Ring-pull,etc)

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Item Number Spout1
Valve to plastic bag material PP,HDPE,LDPE,TPEE,TPU
Production process Injection molding/Tap assembled/Sealing Test
Temperature  -20 ° C ~ +120° C
Valve to plastic bag quality warranty  48 months
Sample lead time  2-3days
Feature Non-leakage
Sanitary requirements  BPA free
Valve to plastic bag Applications  Food: Vinegar,Condimentsd,Sauces,Edible oil,Liquid egg,Jam
Beuerage: Coffee&Tea,Dairy&Milk,Juice,Smoothies, Spirits, Water,Wine,Soft drinks.
Non-food: Agricaltural chemicals,Automotive fluids,Beautye&Personal care,Cleanip,Chemicals.
Certification ISO9001:2000,QS
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The bag in the box is a packaging form made of multi-layer film, soft inner bag, sealed faucet switch and carton. The liquid is filled by a special filling machine and released by the faucet switch when in use.

Because of the wide range of uses of bags and the diversity of valves, they are mainly divided into five types
1. The valve is suitable for the transportation and storage of fruit juice and jam. It has very good sealing performance. It can block oxygen and water vapor and cannot be opened to prevent the mixing of other liquids;
2. The valve is suitable for red wine and NFC fruit juice. This valve is easy to open and close, can effectively prevent air from entering the packaging bag, and keep the liquid fresh for several weeks after the valve is opened;
3. The valve is suitable for syrup, which can be connected with the distributor, and the syrup can flow out through the distributor;
4. The valve is suitable for non sterile liquid and is usually equipped with dust cover, which can prevent dust from entering when the liquid is used for many times;
5. The valve is suitable for chemical liquids, which can resist acid and alkali corrosion.

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